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My Circle for Parents is your online community to connect with other parents and carergivers about the highs, lows and laughs of parenting.

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My Circle for Parents is a free, safe and confidential online community for parents, carers and supporters in young people's lives.

Discussions in the community are safeguarded by specially trained clinical moderators. You can talk to other parents, get tips for those tricky life moments and transitions, and access helpful resources.


My Circle for Parents is hosted by Kids Helpline. Both Parentline and Kids Helpline are services of yourtown

How My Circle for Parents works


Use the sign up form hosted by Kids Helpline. We'll set up your account and email you a link


Get to know the platform, and join the discussions that interest you


Ask questions, share your thoughts, and hear from others

What can I talk about?

You can share whatever is on your mind!

We've also helped to guide conversations by creating these topics:

Family Changes and Transitions

Online Safety and Child Sexual Exploitation

Parent, Carer and Supporter Wellbeing

The Later Years: Teens and Young Adults

The Middle Years: Primary school-aged Kids

The Early Years: Babies, Toddlers, Pre-School

How joining My Circle for Parents can help

Make sense of what you're going through by hearing about other parent's experiences
Discuss strategies for making changes
Learn about young people and how to support their needs across the lifespan
Access the platform from your laptop or desktop computer, phone or tablet
Get info and resources about children and parenting
Safeguarded by trained clinical moderators who provide a safe space to have discussions and provide information, resources, and referrals

How will I access My Circle for Parents?

If you join My Circle for Parents, you can use the browser on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer to participate. It runs on HumHub, which is a secure and open-source platform used to create social networks that run on your preferred Internet browser.

How do I find out whether I've been able to join?

Once you fill out the webform to let us know you want to join, we'll send your account info to your email address.

I'm having trouble logging in, who should I ask for help?

If you're having trouble logging in, please try logging in using the email address you used to create your account. If you still can't login, you can email the moderator team at [email protected] and one of our team will get back to you as soon as they can!

Is My Circle for Parents really private and confidential?

Yes - we are only there to support you and listen.

The only time we might need to tell somebody is if you or others are in danger of being significantly harmed or we are legally required to share information. In times like this we may have a responsibility to protect you and someone else from harm and meet our legal responsibilities. (Our “Duty of Care”.)

We will privately message you about this beforehand wherever possible.

How is it different to counselling?

My Circle is safeguarded by a team of specially trained clinical moderators who have allied health backgrounds. Their job is to ensure that conversations are safe, supportive, informative and accurate.

While clinical moderators may jump in every now and then to comment on member's posts, it's important to note that the platform is not a counselling or crisis service - if you need crisis support or are having immediate thoughts of ending your life, please seek urgent support from Parentline in your state or Emergency Services (police, ambulance) on 000 (24hrs). 

Because My Circle for Parents encourages and supports you to tackle problems on your own with the support of peers, you may find this isn’t enough, especially if you are going through a very difficult situation. Please contact Parentline if you need extra support.

I've read the website and I still have questions about My Circle. Who should I contact? 

If you’re needing any more information about My Circle, then please contact us at [email protected] so one of our team can assist you.

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