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Parenting in... Cyberspace


“If you get online and suddenly it makes you sad, turn it off and go find a mission for the day.”

- Vanessa Amorosi

Parenting in cyberspace can feel like parenting on the moon!

Think of our new podcast as your spacesuit.

Along with our guests, we help you navigate young people's online world as a parent or carer.

We tackle everything from cyberbullying and eSafety, to legislation and reporting.

Podcast Episodes

  • Episode 1:
    Vanessa Amorosi
    on dealing with negativity online

  • Episode 2:
    Parentline Counsellor Chantelle
    on talking to your children about cyberbullying

  • Episode 3:
    Dr Marilyn Campbell
    on why children don't seek support

  • Episode 4:
    yourtown's Fern
    on experiencing cyberbullying as a young person

  • Episode 5:
    Kids Helpline Counsellor Archie
    on responses and impacts of cyberbullying on young people

  • Episode 6:
    Gillian from eSafety on reporting cyberbullying

  • Episode 7:
    Steph from Kids Helpline @ High School on being an upstander online

  • Episode 8:
    Inez from Youth Law Australia on cyberbullying and the law

  • Episode 9:
    Bec and Karen from the Beacon app on getting kids ready for social media

  • Episode 10:
    Aaliyah and Kim from Parentline wrap up and look to the future

Hosted by Parentline's experts

Parenting in... Cyberspace is hosted by Aaliyah Talukdar, Parentline's Cyberbullying Consultant. She's joined in each episode by a new guest or expert to share experiences, tips, tricks and links to resources to help support you and your young ones. 

Parenting expert and Parentline Manager, Kim Harper joins Aaliyah at the end of each episode to break down what’s been discussed and talk about how you can start using it to engage with your young people about their online wellbeing and strengthen your existing connection.

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