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Making Parenting Less Stressful

The ups and downs of parenting can make it hard sometimes.

Taking care of yourself is important

Self-care is more than just taking care of yourself, it impacts your family too.

Here are some things to know about self-care: 

  • The better we care for ourselves, the better we care for our kids
  • A lot of parents can feel guilty taking time for themselves, but remember how important your wellbeing is to your kids
  • Neglecting your own physical and emotional needs can lead to stress on your mind and body - including feeling irritable, exhausted or low
  • Modelling good self-care is a great way to show your kids their wellbeing is important and how to do it!

How to keep up with your physical wellbeing

It's easier than you think to find ways to care for your body and manage those things that stress you out.

Some simple tips to get you started include:

  • Creating healthy meals for you and your family for the week
  • Staying active regularly by making exercise part of your weekly routine
  • Making sure you are getting enough sleep for you – rest is important!
  • Taking time to relax or do something you enjoy– even if it’s only for 10 minutes a day

Taking care of your emotional wellbeing

Managing your emotions and stress is important so you can make the most of family time. Some ways to keep that positive outlook include:

Learning to recognise stress or overwhelming emotions early

Taking the time to have fun and not taking things too seriously

Finding a positive outlet to express yourself

Making time to do things that make you happy

Trying not to dwell on what isn’t working

Reminding yourself of your strengths

Taking proactive steps to make healthy changes

Getting things off your chest by sharing with someone you trust

Staying social and maintaining relationships

Feeling connected with others is so important for your emotional and mental wellbeing. You can look after your relationships by:

  • Spending time with supportive friends and extended family
  • Making time to connect as a family with enjoyable activities or over meal times
  • Involving the kids in everyday tasks around the house
  • Strengthening your communication skills so you can work through difficulties well
  • Making time to connect with your partner

Looking after your wellbeing can make parenting less stressful

It’s okay if you are still trying to figure out what works best for you in maintaining your wellbeing.

This content was last reviewed 18/05/2018

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