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Brand Guidelines

Parentline Brand Usage Guidelines

Logo Ownership

Use of the logos without approval and/or in an inappropriate manner may result in legal action.

Conditions of Using the Logos

To maintain the credibility and integrity of the logos they must be protected from inappropriate use. By requesting permission to use either or both of the logos, you or your organisation agrees to the following terms and conditions of use:

  1. The logo must be used in connection with promoting public awareness of Parentline, or recognise an affiliation with you or your organisation.
  2. No one may manufacture for sale a product containing or featuring the logos.
  3. Clear space clearances and minimum size usage requirements outlined below must be followed.
  4. The logo is not to be stretched out of its original shape i.e. size must be in ratio.
  5. A copy of the completed document must be forwarded to [email protected] for review ideally before it is published.
  6. Parentline reserves the right to request that publications be removed from circulation if the document does not meet the above mentioned requirements.

Want to gain permission to use the Parentline logo?