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Homes Aren't Always Perfect

When taking care of kids and managing family life, it’s helpful to let go of expectations and embrace imperfection.

Two children playing with a parent in a messy room

Creating the perfect home for your children can prove near impossible!

We often heavily scrutinise our abilities as parents, asking ourselves “What if?” and thinking “If only I had…”

It’s important to recognise that expecting ourselves to be ‘perfect’ can actually be more detrimental to our children than we realise. 

By placing more pressure upon ourselves, we also place more pressure on those around us and in turn, expect more from our children. This increases their levels of stress and other factors that may impact upon them negatively.

It’s normal for families to experience ups and downs

It’s important to recognise that things will never be perfect. 

We can’t predict the future, and many things happen throughout the day that we just cannot control or don’t see coming. 

Rather than striving for perfection and feeling defeated when our expectations aren’t met, we can work towards adopting a more practical view of perfection.

This will allow us to put more time and energy into our children and family rather than focusing on meeting unrealistic expectations. 

“Parents are the heart of our homes, and it’s up to us to keep the blood pumping to all parts of it.”

– Kim, Parentline Manager

Every family has its challenges and its strengths

If you’re struggling with home and family imperfections, there is support available.

This content was last reviewed 10/06/2020

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